A wedding for me creates so much excitement, having the ability to create in my free style way, using clients wedding vibes and mood boards.

I really just fall into the wedding game, not having experience like other local florists, I love that ive had so much support and trust given to me. 

Talia & Luke 

15th May 2020

My largest wedding to date. 

Lizzy from www.elizabeth_jean_weddings.co.nz created a brief, Ten Acres put on a stunning venue. Natalie Waugh as always taking stunning photos. 

We created a fall theme, all the feel good tones of autumn, rust, reds.... those of the falling leaves. These tones work perfect with dried florals, but we took it up a level. Adding  some smashing tones, brighter bolder, pops of fresh, pops of preserved. Textures are a must. 

Picking the right florals take months, especially when your working with three different mediums of flowers. I forage, I buy, I use local farms, I buy imported. 

I never have a plan on how florals are put together, yes theres a shape in mind or a size, but flowers really speak to me, they tell me in their own way where they are ment to be. They guide me and i just roll with it! 

We created Bouquets, Clips, Buttonholes, Arch, tables, and a large centre hanging peice for there reception. 

So heres Talia & Luke 

Arnt they stunning... 



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