Preserving your memorys with flowers.

I offer a range of services to preserve your special memory florals. 

These include and are not limited to wedding bouquets, memorial flowers, births, events and more. 

The love and thought that is gifted with flowers in any occasion can be crafted into Cloches, Crest, Wall Puffs & More. 

I am more then happy to dry your flowers in my studio , these can be dropped to me or sent via courier.

Other wise here is a quick guide on how to do it at home before they are sent to me.

Cut a few cm off the steams , hang flowers in a cool dark place .Flowers should be suspended upside down where the air can circulate around them . This process can take a while around 4 weeks or so , so be patient. Some flowers also dry better then others. You will know when they are dry , the flowers will feel crispy and paper like.

For more information and quotes on items please sent me a email over at 


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